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3rd Party Search Engines

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Now more than ever, people are using niche search engines that live within apps and websites outside of Google. Just think of where you go when you want to download an app, or to book your next trip. So the question is: does your brand rank in those areas?

How do we define SEO?

“SEO is the process of reverse-engineering a search engine to understand the way it interprets metadata, and then manipulating that interpretation to create an optimal results page.? - Tyler McConville

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TripAdvisor SEO
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How many search engines could you rank on right now?


What is 3rd party SEO?

The process of ranking a listing or result in a non-traditional search engine is known as 3rd party SEO. We help brands connect with people beyond large engines like Google, by optimizing towards smaller, 3rd party search engines, including Amazon, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and the App Store, that are used frequently by highly-targeted users.

How does NAV43 do it?

From functionality to programming capabilities, no two search engines are exactly alike. We begin the 3rd party SEO process by running a multitude of test environments to deconstruct the search engines we want to rank on, and understand which meta-data matters most for that consideration equation. Then we craft new elements of such meta-data in order to achieve top rank.

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Our ranking methodology.

Visibility through suggested trust.

TripAdvisor SEO Strategies

Take your brand to the top with 3rd party SEO by NAV43.

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3rd Party SEO success stories.

  • House of Pizza

    XX% Increase in lift

  • Weslodge Dubai

    XX% Increase in lift

  • NAO Steakhouse

    XX% Increase in lift

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