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Who we are.

Created by two of Canada's leading digital experts, the NAV43 team brings experience, technical excellence, and a strong strategic approach to every project – along with the case studies to prove it. Specializing in SEO, digital advertising, and analytics, we help our partners understand what they need, what they don't, and what it all means for their business. We provide an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, and digital strategies that reach beyond Google. Whether we're refreshing a declining brand, launching a new one from scratch, or helping an enterprise expand its reach, our aim is to achieve our partners' business objectives, and exceed their expectations. Simply put, we do the incredible with digital.

  • Ben Dankiw

    Ben Dankiw

    Founding Partner

    Technical, methodical, and incredibly passionate about what he does – that's one way to describe Ben Dankiw. A trained PPC specialist and mathematician (yes, really) he knows the value in-depth data analysis brings to digital advertising. Ben has managed hundreds of paid search and display media campaigns, from SMB to enterprise, and has worked with clients including Canadian Tire, Porsche, Porter Airlines, Zoocasa, and INK Entertainment. An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Ben is driven to make NAV43 a global digital leader.

  • Tyler McConville

    Tyler McConville

    Founding Partner

    Tyler is obsessed with observing and reverse-engineering the latest algorithms to find out what makes a search engine tick. Having managed marketing and eCommerce programs for complex brands – including Porsche, Porter Airlines, ADP, Aldo Shoes, D2L, and Icon Legacy – with ease, Tyler has become well-respected for his ability to anticipate client needs, and deal with high-risk problems. Ever-fascinated by consumer behaviour and machine learning, Tyler is driven to take NAV43 to new heights, daily.

Team leads.

  • Mike Terry


    Since his first successful eBay sale in 1999, Mike has been passionate for selling all the things online.

    From living and working with a startup in Mexico city to building his passive money generating affiliate network, he has seen it all when it comes to digital marketing.

    After diving into the industry at his first boutique agency role, Mike’s experience has grown to include clients across dozens of industries as well as roles internally at large enterprise websites.

    In is spare time, If he isn’t working on developing a new affiliate website or researching the latest search engine algorithm changes, he can still most likely be found in front of his computer, playing video games.

  • Robyn Henke

    Social Advertising

    Robyn previously had a career in project management that just didn’t satisfy her creative side. Following the completion of the project, she took a year to explore the expansive world of digital marketing and landed an Account Management job at a startup agency. Longing to be a part of the delivery team, she began specializing in Facebook ads in her spare time. Constantly in awe of the ever-changing platform and the breadth of its offerings, her passion for the product became evident. She teamed up with Ben and Tyler to tackle the agency world and the rest is history!

    Her passions revolve around her rescue pup Artie, exploring nature and the world, and playing music on her ukulele.

  • Brian Leung

    Digital Advertising

    After graduating with a biochemistry and marketing degree, Brian started his career in marketing as a data analyst. John Wanamaker had been quoted saying, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." Well John, Brian’s role is to tell you which half is working and where/how you should invest the "wasted" half to achieve your business objectives. Even though he’s specialized in paid search since his days as a data analyst, he'll be the first advocate for other platforms that better align with your business objectives.

    Outside of work, he enjoys climbing. (Well for liability reasons, he can't really climb inside the office. *badum tsss*) You'll often find him at an indoor bouldering gym pulling on gnarly crimps and jumping around on some fun dynos.

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