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Unlock the power of analytics & map engagement to real value.

Digital advertising is powerful – but only with the right data collection tactics and digital metrics. Properly setting up events, engagement metrics, conversions, and sales that can be linked to business success is essential for creating a robust digital strategy. Fail to, and your efforts could be wasted.

Mapping a customer lifetime value.

Do you know how your digital is producing revenue?

Customer Lifetime Value

Learn how we can map your digital properties to real value and revenue.


Using analytics to power your digital.

Measurable results are essential for justifying any type of investment; digital is no different. We map out business goals and web property engagement points, as well as platform and campaign metrics, to illustrate the impact analytical pivots and results-based decision-making can have on your business's bottom line.

Using a customized dashboarding solution allows us to create a detailed output of digital results that's easy on the eyes. Our dashboard solution pulls data in from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Facebook Business Manager, as well as 3rd party tools and proprietary data sources customized to a client’s metrics.

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Get more out of your digital investment with analytics by NAV43.