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Impartial to platform, channel, network, and medium, we are the voice of our partners for all paid digital placements. We work with trusted publishers to place the right ad, at the right time, on the right device, marrying our partners' goals to a user’s experience.

“We brought on NAV43 to help create a more in-depth strategy that reduced our CPL and we're loving the results and the work from the NAV43 team!?

-Ken Fobert, Search Marketing Manager, TouchBistro,,
Toronto, ON, CAN

Our digital advertising methodology.

Digital Advertising Methodology

Discover, analyze, and master each platform to deliver strategic channel optimizations, maintain a brand's voice, and ensure the best possible cross-platform advertising, and business results.

Multi-channel optimization.

Leveraging platforms to achieve results.

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Digital Advertising Assessment


Evaluating goals, learnings, and landscape, to refine or rework digital advertising strategy.


Applying data-driven insights and past learnings to optimize and implement a multi-channel approach.

Digital Strategy
  • Goal Alignment

    Mapping current and future business goals into an achievable, unified digital approach.

  • Digital Positioning

    Determining a brand's positioning, potential repositioning, and how it's portrayed in digital.

  • Cross-Funnel Optimization

    Guiding omni-channel optimization to build awareness, authority, action, and post-purchase retention.

  • Content Strategy

    Populating, and directing the creation of, optimal content to fulfill strategy and business objects.

  • Channel Strategy

    Tailoring strategy specific to each channel that fits seamlessly into the overall strategy.

  • Budgeting & Benchmarks

    Breaking down a strategy in terms of associated costs, and aligning on expected outcomes and results.

NAV43 digital ad victories.

  • Iconink

    Building a community that converts

  • TouchBistro

    Google Adwords success

Digital Ad Execution


Bringing strategy to life in-platform and preparing for launch.

White papers.

Test & Optimize.

Creating an in-depth roadmap to continuously test all variables of a digital advertising strategy.

Digital Ad Campaign Testing
  • Budget Management

    Analyzing spend versus campaign performance and adjusting where possible to exceed planned objectives.

  • Ad Copy & Messaging

    Refreshing copy to reflect seasonality, promote offers, and improve overall relevance; testing to gauge performance.

  • Landing Page Alignment

    Updating landing page, from strategy to creative, in order to ensure alignment with digital advertising goals; testing to gauge performance.

  • Keyword & Placement Optimization

    Analyzing keywords and digital ad placements, and making calculated decisions on next steps for optimizing two year goals based on findings.

  • Audience & Targeting Optimization

    Evaluating performance of digital ads amongst targeted audiences, and adjusting target to optimize performance.

  • Review & Report On Data

    Providing insights and status updates, and collaborating with partners to improve and evolve their program.

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