Building a social community that converts.

The challenge.

Leverage social media advertising with a two-prong approach that both cultivates a community and inspires them to convert.

The results.

The Strategy.

Leveraging social engagement.

It has quickly become crucial to maintain your online presence through routine posting and engagement, however it has also become a necessity for any online marketing strategy to include paid social engagement.

Engagement metrics are extremely valuable insight for a business. Likes and comments are the equivalent of real-time feedback from customers outlining the things they like (and dislike) about a brand. Brands often make the mistake of assuming they know what their customers want or need, and developing content and offers accordingly, leading to wasted time and resources.

With an increasing number of brands competing for ad space, organic engagement is at an all time low. The bottom line: if you want to engage with your customer and benefit from all of the valuable customer insights, you need to spend money.

Ad Engagement Chart
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A well nurtured audience converts

While having to spend in order to capitalize on the wealth of consumer insights that social provides makes sense, how do you justify that spend without a known return on investment? After all, social advertising doesn't get conversions...right? Wrong. Social advertising is a powerful tool that generates revenue.

In the case of IconInk, their business goal was to fill seats with reservations. Nurturing audiences through engagement turns strangers who previously knew nothing about the brand into old friends who want to return again and again.

Over time, a well-nurtured social audience will reward a business with a high volume of conversions at a very low cost.

Across 10 brands, the average table value was $206, and with the help of social advertising, there was an estimated revenue of $258,872 from an ad spend of $28,815. That equates to an 8:1 return on ad spend using social advertising.

Cost Per Conversion Chart