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Are you visible in your competitive local market?

Over 80% of people use search engines to find local products and businesses. Optimizing your visibility on local maps and within the search index itself could make the difference between your audience finding you, or your competitor.

How do we define SEO?

“SEO is the process of reverse-engineering a search engine to understand the way it interprets metadata, and then manipulating that interpretation to create an optimal results page.� - Tyler McConville

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Improve your visibility with Local SEO by NAV43.


What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of ranking a company's local listing on a map engine like Google Maps. When properly optimized, this ranking enables visibility in broad searches, outside of your brand name. Whether you’re a franchise trying to build location awareness, or a new brand trying to boost local market visibility during the discovery stage, Local SEO is your key to success.

How does NAV43 do it?

Similar to generalized SEO, Local SEO focuses primarily on map search engines and the algorithms which support them, in order to align geo-specific and categorical relevancy to searching users. Our process ensures your brand consistency is absolute for your offerings and your locations.

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Our Local SEO methodology.

Boosting local presence to stay top of mind.

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Put your brand on the map, and be found first, with Local SEO.


Local brands who saw amazing success with Local SEO.

  • House of Pizza

    XX% Increase in lift

  • Weslodge Dubai

    XX% Increase in lift

  • NAO Steakhouse

    XX% Increase in lift

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