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A custom SEO strategy, with flawlessly executed optimization, will help you engage consumers in even the hardest markets by connecting with them at each stage of the purchase path – from browsing, to comparing, to cart.

“NAV43 took on the challenge of increasing my traffic by 100% in a two month period and followed through. The results have been amazing and I fully recommend their work!?

-Neil Patel,,
Seattle, WA, USA

How do we define SEO?

“SEO is the process of reverse-engineering a search engine to understand the way it interprets metadata, and then manipulating that interpretation to create an optimal results page.? - Tyler McConville


Increasing visibility through suggested trust.

SEO Rankings

People search over a billion queries a day. Introduce them to your brand.

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SEO Audit


Evaluating visibility, performance, and organic competitive map to forge a path that connects your brand with consumers.

SEO Strategy


Ordering microdata to influence the success of your site within the SERPs.

NAV43 SEO victories.

  • Neil Patel

    XX% Increase in lift

  • TBD

    XX% Increase in lift

  • TBD

    XX% Increase in lift

SEO Execution


Putting strategy into action with technical precision.

White papers.

SEO Rank Tracking

Tracking & adjustment.

Tracking performance and making adaptive changes to combat algorithmic roadblocks and optimize traffic.

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