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About The Webinar

Learn Everything you Need to Know About Website Migrations from an SEO Migration Expert.

One of the most critical aspects to a website migration is how it’s perceived from Google. In this webinar we are going to walk you through 5 critical oversights during a web migration that can cause exponential damage to organic Traffic and Keyword rankings, and your bottom line. 

Migration is an important part of your digital strategy, trust only the authority.

Don’t fear Google, we have you covered.

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5 Critical SEO Oversights During Website Migrations

What You’ll Learn

When you should engage SEO into your Migration or not

What the 5 critical oversights are in website migrations

What an SEO migration looks like and how to safeguard.

What to do after you Migrate.

Ben Dankiw - Webinar Host

Founding Partner, NAV43

Technical, methodical, and incredibly passionate about what he does; that’s one way to describe Ben Dankiw – a trained SEM specialist and mathematician (yes, really) with 9+ years experience. Ben understands the value that in-depth data analysis brings to search advertising.  Ben has managed/consulted hundreds of paid search and display media campaigns, from SMB to enterprise, and has worked with clients including Canadian Tire, Porsche, Porter Airlines, Zoocasa, TouchBistro, and Ceridian. An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Ben is driven to make NAV43 a global leader in search.

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Tyler is obsessed with observing and reverse-engineering the latest algorithms to find out what makes a search engine tick. Having managed marketing and eCommerce programs for complex brands with ease – including Porsche, Porter Airlines, ADP, Aldo Shoes, D2L, and Icon Legacy – Tyler has become well-respected for his ability to anticipate client needs and deal with high-risk problems. Ever-fascinated by consumer behaviour and machine learning, Tyler is driven to take NAV43 to new heights, daily.

Tyler McConville - Enterprise Technical SEO Strategist

Founding Partner, NAV43

Check out a few scenarios where an SEO migration can be relevant for your brand.

Migrating to a New Platform with an SEO Strategy

  • Migrated client to a new domain and platform (BigCommerce) with on-page optimizations.
  • Executed a smart blog content strategy and aggressive link building through event sponsorship, outreach, and giveaways.
  • 0 to 4000+ Keywords ranking in one year -> 2,440% increase in sessions -> 668% increase in revenue

Relaunching a Website with an SEO Strategy

  • Our team performed an SEO audit and opportunity analysis. After a strategy was created, we built a complete IA for content and executed a full website migration.
  • Organic traffic raise significantly by more than 125% and rankings increased substantially

Consolidating Multiple Geo Website - International Success

  • GEO consolidation of ceridian.ca to ceridian.com
  • Migration was completed without any downtime, traffic loss, or drop in keywords.

Consolidating Multiple Brand Websites from an M&A

  • Agency purchased two agencies and merged under a new brand. NAV43 migrated all three websites to a new domain and minimized loss of traffic from deprecated brands
  • Each site was phased out with a coordinated migration and PR strategy that was seamless to prospective customers

What to Avoid

A Million Dollar Development Project Gone Wrong

  • Brand migrated to SalesForce’s newly acquired CloudCraze without an SEO migration strategy!
  • Due to a major SEO oversight this company lost 88% revenue and 95% organic traffic overnight.

Ben Dankiw - Host

Founding Partner, NAV43

Tyler McConville - SEO

Founding Partner, NAV43

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