The reason you keep hearing about our SEO team.

Our SEO team gets results. Take a look at some of our clients’ successes.


Through an SEO-focused website build and content marketing strategy, NAV43 increased first page keywords to 1,100 and organic traffic to 24,000 visitors each month within the first year.

Bid Garage had the vision to be the best classic & vintage car auction online.

They approached NAV43 with the intent to increase its organic market share within North America as a new brand through a strong SEO foundation and holistic SEO content marketing strategy.

NAV43 curated a holistic SEO strategy in tandem with a technical SEO audit, Information architecture creation, keyword strategy, and launch plan:

The 1-year holistic SEO strategy:

  • SEO focused Website build with Technical Audit (SEO Foundation)
  • SEO Blog Curation (content marketing strategy)
  • Link Building (Accelerate organic visibility)



  • SEO focused Website Build for a strong foundation.
  • Increased organic traffic to 24,000 visitors per month.
  • Increased first-page keyword rankings to 1,100.
  • 50 SEO Blog articles written and published.

Our Technical SEO audit and migration process allowed Elise Darma to grow her audience to 55,000 unique visitors each month.

Elise Darma is an online influencer who offers courses to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and brand through Instagram and social media.

She contacted NAV43 with the intent of migrating her website over to a new CMS Platform, maintain organic visibility, and build a strong SEO foundation for future growth.

NAV43 curated a migration plan that included a technical SEO audit, Information architecture restructure, keyword Map, redirect map, keyword rank monitoring, and website migration QA.


  • Post-migration organic traffic increased 100% to 40,000 visitors per month in one month.
  • Increased keyword rankings to 20,000 within the first month.
  • Elise Darma now has an estimated 55,000 visitors each month and ranks for 27,000 keywords.
  • NAV43's process prevented the migration from failure with a quick mitigation plan.

Through a holistic SEO strategy, NAV43 Increased organic traffic to 10,000 visitors each month in one year.

Calyx Wellness is a CBD company based out of Toronto with two storefronts and an online eCommerce store.

Within limited ways to advertise CBD online, organic search was the way to go when scaling the business for future growth.

Calyx Wellness asked NAV43 to increase their local organic market share within North America by relaunching their website with SEO best practices in mind.

NAV43 tackled this challenge by curating a holistic SEO strategy educated by a full technical SEO audit. The SEO strategy included; Restructuring of Information Architecture, Keyword Mapping, and Website Migration among other tactics.


  • Increased organic traffic to 10,000 visitors per month.
  • Increased keyword rankings to 3,000 within the first year.
  • 90 SEO Blog articles written and published.
  • Maximized Local Maps.

We increased RestoHub’s Organic traffic by 125% in One Month.

RestoHub was looking to increase its market presence and relaunch their website with an SEO strategy. Our team performed an SEO audit and opportunity analysis. After a strategy was created, we built a complete IA for content and executed a full website migration. Following the launch of the site, both organic traffic and rankings grew significantly.


  • Website Successfully Launched without loss in Keyword Rankings
  • 125% increase in Organic Traffic

We built Craftables a new brand platform with 4,000+ keyword rankings in just one year.

Craftables is the one-stop destination for craft supplies and tools, but they were struggling with an unsuccessful domain and weak SEO. We migrated them to a new platform  “Shopcraftables” with full on-page optimization on the BigCommerce platform, bolstered by a smart blog content strategy and aggressive link building through event sponsorships, outreach, and giveaways.


  • 0 to 4,000+ keywords ranking in one year
  • 2,440% increase in Sessions
  • 668% increase in revenue

We built a new SEO strategy for Glas Vapor that more than doubled YoY traffic.

Our client required full URL restructuring and on-page optimization within the Magento platform, along with migration to a new subdomain. We focused on product keyword optimization and a link-building campaign through event sponsorships, guest blog outreach/reviews with products, and charitable donations. Not only did the strategy boost traffic and sales, it also enabled us to suggest future potential products based on organic keyword competitiveness.


  • Keyword rankings grew dramatically
  • Year-over-year traffic more than doubled
  • 150 flavor combo keyword hit page one