Technical end-to-end
SEO audits that deliver.

Our experts have a 100% success rate at technical end-to-end SEO audits.

We’re a team of performance-driven search experts who use data and analytics to shape marketing creative assets. We offer professional creative support, through requested consultations, and help you produce ad content that stands out in the market, captures audience attention, and generates fresh leads at lower costs.


Our team stands out from other agencies due to our proven 100% success at fully implemented technical audits and site migrations. We provide dedicated project managers to every client and a team with technical backgrounds in audits, site hierarchies, and on-page optimization. Our two co-founders are hands-on in their approach by consulting on keyword research and search intent to help direct the technical audit.

Our leading success at SEO audits enables multi-site domains to uncover new organic ranking opportunities

Market research and website penetration

You need to know the security and structural integrity of your website vs. your biggest competitors. That’s why our team of researchers conducts thorough analyses, and we also run penetration tests on cybersecurity installed on your site.

Performance rank tracking

Performance is the name of the game, and we need to know that nothing on your site will impact conversion rates. We run rank tracking queries to monitor site performance and compile data stacking up your site vs. competitors.

Keyword research and content analysis

Part of our technical audit includes a look into your top performing pieces of content and the keywords that drive traffic as a result of the content. This helps structure site authority page by page to improve overall performance.

Alignment with SEO strategy

One of the goals of the audit is to align your site’s existing structure with future SEO expectations. We’ll run technical audits on page depth, loading times, code injections, and more to streamline the site structure.

Developer guidance

The results of the SEO audit are shared with our developers for feedback and recommendations on improvements. Our developers will help lead the site’s restructuring to ensure site traffic remains consistent as changes are made.

QA and post-launch monitoring

As changes to the site are finalized, we roll them out and monitor their impact on performance. Our 100% success rate at driving more organic traffic from technical audits is a vote of confidence that the process will deliver results.

Inbound traffic is all yours!

Once the technical audit is complete, the inbound traffic flow is yours to manage. Our team will help further optimize the on-site experience to maximize conversion rates on all of that traffic.