This is Amel.

Director of SEO
  • Amel is a seasoned digital marketing expert who possesses a deep passion for SEO and CRO. She approaches the realm of Google algorithms with a humble and inquisitive mindset constantly seeking to deepen her understanding. Throughout her career, Amel has had the privilege of working with renowned Canadian brands including Lacoste, Keurig, and ALDO Group, contributing to their digital growth. As the former Head of SEO at Puffy she brought her expertise to the forefront by efficiently optimizing their online presence and increasing their organic traffic. Amel’s true passion lies in the domains of SEO, Analytics, and Conversion Optimization, where she consistently delivers remarkable results.

    When she’s not immersed in digital landscapes, you can find Amel having a blast with friends, smashing it on the ping pong table or lining up shots on the billiards board. 

  • “I’m totally fascinated by the inner workings of SEO and how it gives us access to what goes into people’s minds thus allowing us to uncover their intentions. I think what brings all SEOs together is the fact that we have a love/hate relationship with Google, whether we realize it or not.”