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The NAV43 team brings experience, technical excellence, and a strong strategic approach to every project.

NAV43 is a group of experienced marketers who are passionate about growing brands through SEO and Paid Media. Our performance marketing approach is highly technical and specialized, and we operate across industries in the digital space, focusing on ecommerce and lead generation campaigns.

Our paid media experts are masters of their platforms and understand how important data is in today’s evolving digital ecosystem. Anyone can create an ad, but mapping out campaigns with the right audiences, targeting, settings, creative and messaging drives success within complex machine learning algorithms.

Our SEO team are developer-friendly and experienced technical strategists. They are Google algorithm experts who are up-to-date on the latest ranking signals and know how to run a successful SEO program in today’s search environment. Specializing in keyword research and content optimization, they are the SEO support your marketing team needs to drive your organic traffic growth.

With years of success stories helping brands scale-up and meet their business goals, we work with clients looking to invest in digital growth. Whether we’re refreshing a declining brand, launching a new one from scratch, or helping an enterprise expand its reach, our aim is to achieve our partners’ business objectives– and exceed their expectations!

Simply put, We Do The Incredible with Digital.


To be the pinnacle of search marketing. We strive to be the example of how brands should deploy organic and paid media strategies to achieve their digital goals.


We are here to scale companies through results in organic and paid media channels. We are industry leaders who deliver best-in-class SEO and Paid Media services. We are the cutting edge of the digital landscape.


Be an organization built on innovation and continuous improvement. With a small agile team we are able to leverage our learnings from client delivery and our tests from niche creation to drive success.


  • We Care
  • We are Curious
  • We are Understanding
  • We are Thought Leaders
  • We are Accountable
  • Make Marketing Fun

Now, let’s meet the team that brings this company vision to life…





The only search team you’ll ever need.

We always execute as planned, period.


Account Director

Amel Mehenaoui

Director of SEO


SEO Strategist


director of paid media

Morgan Leung

Paid Media Specialist


SEO Content Manager

Joahnna Cruz

Administrative Manager

Navjit Dhaliwal

Finance Manager, CPA, CA

Matt MacLeod

Analytics Consultant

Jessie Berry

People & Culture Manager

Account Manager 

(Currently Hiring)

SEO Intern

(Currently Hiring)


We generate real results for our Customers.

We generate results for our customers.

NAV43 has become an extension of our marketing team; participating in our strategy and brainstorming sessions as well as attending our weekly marketing KPI meetings – always providing added value and actionable ideas. They are constantly adjusting to our business needs and the changing market to ensure we deliver on all our metrics.

Our business is better – because we work with NAV43.

Wendy Batchelor, VP of Marketing, Quark Expeditions

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality solutions for our customers and as such, we look for the same high standards in our strategic partners. Nav43 is such a partner. They have played an integral part in some of our biggest enterprise client work of the last several years. I would recommend working with their team on website migrations and SEO audits alongside your development projects.


I chose to work with Nav43 to make the migration from Squarespace to WordPress as seamless as possible, without losing our search authority that we had already built up. fter the migration, we noticed a boost in our traffic acquisition within one to two months so we were very pleased with the results.

Elise Darma,

Wow, I learned more in this one hour about writing for SEO than I have in the past 4 years.

The Hitting Vault

NAV43 knows what I need before I even know I need it.


Director of Marketing, Infovista

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