Why is Blogging Important for Your SEO Strategy

Blog articles are considered one of the most reliable mediums when it comes to answering a searcher’s questions or solving a particular problem for them. 

Published On: May 20, 20224 min readCategories: Blog, SEO

Blogging is thought of as one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve and boost your online presence. The real question remains, however: Does blogging really help with SEO? 

In short, absolutely! 

Blog articles are considered one of the most reliable mediums when it comes to answering a searcher’s questions or solving a particular problem for them. 

Aside from just providing information, blog posts can also make use of a couple of other tactics to attract more visitors to a website, and ultimately get it ranking high on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). 

In this article, we look at these tactics in detail.

Blog Post Tactics for Effective SEO

Using the Right Keywords

Keyword research should be seen as the bedrock of any good Blog article. Before you start writing a blog article, it is of utmost importance to do keyword research. Once you have the necessary keywords identified, you can embed them strategically in your blog post to reap the most SEO rewards. People usually search for phrases on search engines so it is recommended to include long-tail keywords in your blog posts. This will help you reach the right target audience.

Posting New Blog Articles, Often

Search engines respond positively to website pages and content that is updated often. Websites that regularly update their content are seen as providing current information that will always be worth more than outdated content to the end-user. 

In addition to creating new content, breathing new life into old blog posts is just as important.

Establishing and maintaining a posting cadence is a good idea for any website. Depending on the resources available to you, posting new blog posts can be done every month, every week, or even multiple times a day.

More published content means more pages will be indexed by Google. 

The more pages of your website that are indexed, the bigger your chances of reaching your SEO goals and ranking in one of the top spots of Google’s SERP.  

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When internal linking is done right, not only does it help with website navigation but it also establishes a hierarchy that effectively distributes link juice. Internal linking is hard when you are just starting your blogging activities, but once you have a decent amount of blog content on your website, it becomes much easier to build an internal linking strategy that will help fulfill your SEO needs.

Posting blog articles also allows you to add relevant links from other websites with high traffic to your posts. This type of backlinking is incredibly helpful to build your site’s authority and attract more traffic to your website. By creating blog content that adds value to a searcher’s life, other sites might also link out to your site, which will further enhance your site’s authority.

Blog Images

It is very important that you use images in your blog content. The majority of people are visual in nature. Images are seen as the best way to ensure readers will stay engaged in your blog post. When adding images to your blog article make sure you include the right keywords to the image alt text as this will dramatically boost your blog article’s SEO. Knowing how to optimize images for SEO is an extremely important skill every website owner should possess.

Social Media

Once you have published the blog article on your website, make sure you also share the post on all your social media accounts. When done right social media marketing has the potential of engaging a huge amount of readers. 

Creativity & User Experience

The main factor that underpins any good SEO strategy is the searcher or reader’s experience when engaging with your content. Creating blog articles allows you the opportunity to present your ideas in a creative and appealing way. Including elements like infographics, gifs, quotes, data-driven visuals, or other visual aids could dramatically increase the appeal of your blog post. 

Popularity Rank

When search engines see that your blogs are clicked on and shared, they will eventually improve your blog’s ranking on the SERP. If you want to be a successful blogger and want to see your website in the top results, then you need to make sure to post quality content consistently. Once you give viewers what they want to read, they will keep coming back for more.

Final Thoughts

Creating quality blog articles that employ some of the SEO tactics discussed in this article is often overlooked by marketers when planning their overall marketing strategy at their own pearl.

Blog articles, when done right, provide you with an immense opportunity to attract a huge amount of traffic to your website. 

It might seem a bit daunting to plan out and create good-quality blog articles when doing it on your own. Partnering with a well-established marketing agency is always a good idea. NAV43 is a search marketing agency that specializes in creating blog content that is underpinned by SEO best practices.

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