Grow Your Business with Our PPC Account Audit Services

We’ll handle your paid ads account audits so you can focus on the big picture.

We’re more than your run-of-the-mill digital agency. We’re the leaders in search engine marketing, and our team of experts are hungry to conduct Google ads account audits that deliver results.

We also have a 100% success rate conducting website audits that drive higher traffic, and we’re ready to help your brand earn the most bang for its buck.

We have an unparalleled success rate at driving higher website traffic through detailed digital account audits

Proven digital account audit expertise

We’ll help you improve audience targeting and ad placement to drive CTRs

Data-driven analysis for better performance

We use real data in Google Analytics to create strategies that grow traffic

Impact-driven team of talented search experts

We are driven to lower CPM, CPC, and CPA costs for all your campaigns

Discovery kickoff

We begin every audit with a discovery call to align on brand positioning and marketing goals. We encourage this session to be an honest account of what’s worked and what hasn’t to help shape the future of digital campaigns.

Roadmap for success

Once we have the intro meeting, we work with your team to analyze all ad accounts and collect real data on past campaign performance. We then set a benchmark with current results and build forecasts for future performance.

Detailed funnel analysis

We then look into your sales and marketing pipelines to analyze the wins against the losses. We use this information to help verify or modify your target audience profiles and how to reach more qualified buyers on each platform.

On-site landing page audit

After we identify who you should reach, we’ll audit your web content and landing page details and use our leading SEO experience to optimize your on-site messaging for increased CRO and digital ad performance.

Go-to-market strategy

Following the campaign, target audience, funnel, and on-site audits, we use all of the data and analytics to build a revised go-to-market plan that’s based on expansive but realistic lead generation forecasts.

Content marketing guidance

We use the revised marketing strategy to suggest new ideas for content that will help achieve new, qualified leads. Once we determine the target audience profile, we know how to recommend content that speaks to those buyers.

QA & launch

When everything is ready to go, we’ll help you perform a detailed QA of your new content, landing pages, form submissions, and ad previews. We have a proven QA checklist that tells us when new campaigns are good to go.

Inbound lead flow

As the campaigns get up and running, we help monitor performance. The leads that do convert on each campaign are for you to qualify and enter into your sales funnels, while we help tweak the ads for even greater results.

We’re the experts you can trust!

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enhance ad results!

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