Technical end-to-end SEO audits that deliver.

Our experts have a 100% success rate at technical end-to-end SEO audits.

We’re a team of performance-driven search experts who use data and analytics to shape marketing creative assets.

We offer professional creative support, through requested consultations, and help you produce ad content that stands out in the market, captures audience attention, and generates fresh leads at lower costs.

We’re the number one provider of technical SEO audits and multi-site migrations.

Our record at conducting deep audits of site hierarchies always uncovers new opportunities for organic growth.

We’re especially proficient at WordPress migrations, but we’re fully capable of managing audits across other CMS platforms. The end result is higher traffic and more growth opportunities.

Proven Formula

for Success

We’re not a standard SEO agency; we have the results to back our strategy.


with Content Skills

Our team is technical and uses search intent research to optimize web pages.


and Monitoring

We use data to measure the effect of our site migrations to show real growth.

Keyword and landing page performance

A new website migration begins with auditing your existing landing pages to see what’s worth keeping and what can be rebuilt. We’ll also look into keyword placements across each page to measure the impact on rankings.

Site architecture analysis

After identifying the top performers, we look into the information architecture of the site to shape how the new one is built. This involves a content analysis to determine if on-page positioning is best suited for the new site structure.

1:1 page and content mapping

Once the new information architecture is mapped out, we go through page by page to reformulate the old sitemap to the new one. This means adding permanent redirects from old pages to the new ones.

Guide Google on the migration

As we build out the new structure, we educate Google and other search engines about the migration. We use Google Search Console to update the URL parameters of your domain so your traffic remains consistent.

Pre-migration QA

When the new site structure is ready to deploy, we first conduct a pre-migration QA to help keep the developers on track. We use our SEO tools to ensure all links point to intended new destinations for a smooth migration.

Post-migration QA

If the pre-migration QA passes, the migration is deployed and we immediately run a post-migration QA. We verify that all links are working and point to the correct page to eliminate any indexing or crawl errors.

Inbound traffic is all yours!

Once the migration is complete, the inbound traffic flow is yours to manage. Our 100% success rate at website migrations guarantees you’ll receive more organic traffic to maximize conversions and performance.

We’ll earn your site
rankings, traffic, and revenue!

You won’t find a better
technical partner!

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