Discover your opportunity with our proven research techniques.

Providing the research and strategy you need to grow through Search.


NAV43 is a Technical Search Marketing Agency based in Toronto that brings a depth of experience to organizations looking to grow. We are leaders in search marketing, with a proven reputation, as an SEO agency that enables brands to own highly targeted search terms, boosting traffic and visibility.

Today, we maintain our roots in SEO and search marketing expertise, but we’ve expanded our capabilities as a digital advertising agency that helps your brand achieve a higher return on investment at lower CPAs or higher ROAS.

We've built a process for identifying opportunity that paints a clear picture of your marketplace as well as the investment needed to win,

Keyword & Competitor Research

We pull in the right tools and know how to create actionable insights out of Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis that can be integrated into your Search strategy. In addition to our strategic approach we sprinkle in some of the IP and processes that help us succeed. Whether through SEO, PPC, or a combination we build the plan that is focused on your digital goals.

SEO  & Campaign Audits

Behind every brand that achieves success in Google is a strong technical foundation. It starts with the research and strategy and take shape in the IA and structure of your website. With the right schema, meta-data, site speed, among other technical optimizations, we align your site’s content to succeed. Similarly for Google Ads accounts we need to ensure your brand’s execution meets your business goals and that the account follows best practices.

Technical QA & Execution

Our team ensures that our SEO audit is rolled out correctly. This is all that matters to Google at the end of the day. We have a 100% end-to-end audit success rate for this reason. Our SEO team acts as a valuable extension to you Marketing and Development teams looking out for your SEO best interests.

Monthly Retainers For Growth

Beyond solving a specific technical problem or a major concern with your digital campaigns, a monthly focus with continuous optimizations is needed to grow your Search presence. Our team has a customized process catered to the strategy your brand needs for success in it’s respective industry. Results take time, returns keep coming.