Great SEO Content writing makes all the difference

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Published On: October 15, 20216 min readCategories: Blog, Content

A recent Forbes article has found that information is almost exclusively consumed online these days, with blogs or news articles top of the list. With all this information accessible literally at our fingertips, it can be extremely difficult for brands to get their content noticed in this sea of content competition.

Ideally, you need a system that will allow for predictable results that will let your content stand out.

In this article, we will look at What SEO Content writing is, and how it can be used to satisfy search Engines, while engaging your audience, and most importantly drive consistent traffic to your website, and hopefully Sales.

What is SEO, and SEO Content Writing? 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of best practices designed to make a website’s content easy to navigate, and optimized for Google, with the end-user in mind. This is done to positively affect how Google indexes and ranks a website.

SEO writing is basically writing content with the primary goal of ranking high on Google’s Search Engine Results Page. The process involves planning, creating, and optimizing your content every step of the way to satisfy what Google deems as Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy information. SEO content writing could be considered the cornerstone of a website’s content strategy. These are practices you go back to time and again to evaluate and adjust your content as needed.

Why is SEO Content Writing important?

It’s no secret that good-quality content will always stand out from mediocre ones. What is less well known though is that you will need to combine this with solid SEO best practices to ensure that your content is seen by a wide audience.

What good SEO Content writing does is allow Google to easily crawl your content and Index it as content of high value. This in turn will see Google rank your content high up on the Search Engine Results page. With your content high up on the Results page, more people will see it, which will tremendously increase the chance of them clicking through to your website and making a purchase. 

How to write great SEO Content

When creating content you should have two objectives top of mind: 

  1. The content should drive traffic to your site.
  2. The content should be engaging enough to turn visitors into customers.

Here is a simple 6 step process to achieve these objectives:

Write about topics your Target Audience is actually searching for.

Most people like to write about what excites them personally. This is all well and good, but if it is not what your target audiences are interested in, these content pieces will have a very short shelf life.

Make sure you do some keyword research on topics your target audience is interested in before you begin creating.

The most important factors to keep in mind when doing keyword research are identifying search demand, and understanding the traffic potential of the specific topic.

Evaluate the kind of content that would be most effective.

You have to keep in mind that Google’s main objective is to deliver the most relevant result for any given query. Naturally, if you want to rank high for a specific topic you will need to know what kind of content Google will rank for that query. This is called Search Intent. Search Intent tells us what searchers are looking for when they enter specific keywords. The main elements to keep in mind with Search intent is:

Content kinds

  • Blog Post Articles
  • Web Pages for Products
  • Web Pages for Categories
  • Web Landing Pages

Content design

  • How-to do it guides
  • User-generated tutorials 
  • Customer opinion posts
  • Reviews
  • Comparisons

Content Angle

This is basically the unique value point of your content piece.

Implement a data-focused outline

One of the most important factors in creating SEO content is having a framework in place that you can rely on throughout the process. This framework will help you form the base of your content strategy and make it easier for you to fill in the pieces of content that are missing. A framework will help you make sure that you are including all the critical SEO points on the specific topic, which would make satisfying Google’s ranking algorithm much easier.

Create an attention-grabbing Headline

Your headline is to a large extent what entices people to click on your link to find out more. Once they click through it is your content’s job to keep them there and lead them closer to a sale. It’s important to keep in mind though that although clickbait headlines will deliver clicks if your pieces of content do not deliver on what was promised in your headline, they will negatively affect your website.

Use the AIDA Formula for your intro

Your intro is a crucial part of your content piece. Its main purpose is to keep your audience interested once they click through, to convince them they are in the right place and entice them to keep on reading. To make writing an intro easier why not use the AIDA formula:

  • Attention:  – Grab your audience’s attention.
  • Interest: – Pique your audience’s interest. Do this with engaging facts, or interesting stories.
  • Desire: – Show your reader how their problem will be solved by your content.
  • Action: -This is where you include a call to action or a table of content outlining what will be discussed.

Create Inclusive, Simple, and actionable content.

For your content to be considered valuable you will have to make sure it adds some kind of value to your target audience’s life. Make your content as helpful as possible.

Making sure your content is easily digestible is also a very important factor to keep in mind. Do this by keeping your thoughts as concise as possible. Avoid overly difficult concepts or technical terms.

Some more tips on improving your content’s readability:

  • Use a Heading structure that makes sense.
  • Avoid large paragraphs of text.
  • Add Images.
  • Make use of transitional sentences like, “However”, As you know, and “Also”.

Final thoughts on SEO Content Writing

The content component to good SEO is extremely important when it comes to ranking on the Search Engine Results page. It almost does not matter how good your content is if it is not seen widely. With good SEO best practices implemented your content will most likely lead to free, passive, and consistent traffic that usually grows over time. 

Seo content writing can be a bit overwhelming when you first encounter it. Having a dedicated SEO Agency like NAV43 on your side when navigating all these factors is always a good idea.

NAV43 can transform your SEO content, by leaning into the experience and expertise built up over the years.

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