Google Ads management services that drive results.

Our hands-on team of experts make up your top of the line Google ads agency.

We have a team of dedicated project managers, technical-oriented audit experts, and two fully hands-on co-founders who all specialize in Google Ads management.

We know our way around the Google Ads platform, which allows us to align your product offers with the most valuable audiences to generate higher traffic and better conversions.

We use an all-in-one digital marketing ecosystem, including Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to optimize ads and deliver results

The most trustworthy Google Ads agency in Toronto

We have a proven record of increasing traffic and visibility for B2B brands.

We make Search your smartest investment

We use real data to optimize performance across the Google ads platform.

Certified and trusted by expert search partners

We are proud certified Google and Bing Ads accredited professionals.

Discovery kickoff

We begin every audit with a discovery call to align on brand positioning and marketing goals. We encourage this session to be an honest account of what’s worked and what hasn’t to help shape the future of digital campaigns.

Google account audit

The discovery kickoff meeting will help us gain perspective as we audit your Google Ads account. We’ll look into the numbers to help quantify success, to date and formulate ideas for future campaigns.

Follow-up call and sync

After we look at the numbers, we’ll reconnect with your team to discuss the findings. We’ll present the results and our interpretation of what the data means so we can work together on building a new path forward.

Campaign research underway

We have a team of SEM experts who can do thorough research into audience lists, keyword bids, and competitive positioning. We’ll put all of our findings together into one easy-to-digest research plan for your review.

Your call on the path ahead

Once we have our research report prepared for review, we’ll reconnect with your team to discuss the details. Everything we provide is strictly a recommendation, and it’s up to your team to decide if we move forward.

Time to execute

If we get the green light from your team, we put our SEM skills to good use and help you execute the plan. We’ll build out your new campaigns, create your target audience lists, and set the budget to start bidding on keywords.

QA & launch

When everything is ready to go, we’ll help you perform a detailed QA of your new content, landing pages, form submissions, and ad previews. We have a proven QA checklist that tells us when new campaigns are good to go.

Inbound lead flow

As the campaigns get up and running, we help monitor performance. The leads that do convert on each campaign are for you to qualify and enter into your sales funnels, while we help tweak the ads for even greater results.

We’ll create campaigns
that drive results!

We’ll create campaigns
that drive results!

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