StackAdapt Advertising strategies that drive growth.

Our results-oriented team builds performance-driven ad campaigns that drive growth.

We’re an expert search and display advertising team that’s ready to optimize campaigns for your brand across the StackAdapt Ads management platform. We use intent-based campaign signals to help your brand reach the most qualified buyers.

Our eye is always on the bottom line, and we use performance-based bidding to manage your CPM, CPC, and CPL rates.

We use StackAdapt programmatic advertising features to earn brand reach, engagement, and conversions

Passionate StackAdapt Ads management

We’re committed to ad optimization in order to maximize campaign reach.

Data-driven audience list building

We use intent-based targeting and analytics to target your best prospects.

Analytical reporting on performance

We’re driven by data and use real numbers to measure campaign results.

Discovery kickoff

We begin every audit with a discovery call to align on brand positioning and marketing goals. We encourage this session to be an honest account of what’s worked and what hasn’t to help shape the future of digital campaigns.

StackAdapt campaign analysis

Once we gain access to your StackAdapt ads account, we’ll look at real-time data on campaign performance, demographic insights, and the overall ROI of your existing ad campaigns to set a benchmark for success.

Programmatic brand advertising

Insights into your initial campaign performance rates will help us optimize for future growth. We outline ad placements and domain exclusions to ensure your brand is safe and secure across all programmatic advertising.

StackAdapt expert partnerships

We have connections to StackAdapt’s team of ad performance experts so that all advertising decisions align with how the platform best delivers results. These partnerships ensure your ads and campaigns will get the job done.

Informative conversion tracking

We work with our StackAdapt partners to apply ad tags and one-to-one impression and click trackers to set up conversion points that fully integrate with analytics for easy-to-digest reporting

Your call on the path ahead

Once we build the skeletons of the campaigns, we’ll reconnect with your team to discuss the details. Everything we provide is strictly a recommendation, and it’s up to your team to decide if we move forward.

Budget management & accountability

As soon as the campaigns are active, we keep a close eye on your budget to keep CPLs in line. We’ll manage the budget, ad placements, and targeting to ensure campaign performance lives up to expectations.

Inbound lead flow

As the campaigns get up and running, we help monitor performance. The leads that do convert on each campaign are for you to qualify and enter into your sales funnels, while we help tweak the ads for even greater results.

We’ll create ad campaigns that drive results!

We’ll create ad campaigns
that drive results!

Contact us for thorough StackAdapt Ads audits.