Get More Real Estate Clients using Paid Media Advertising

The Real Estate market can be a gold mine when it comes to return on investment, but competition is often fierce!

Published On: November 5, 20214 min readCategories: Blog, SEM

Smaller real estate businesses often find themselves overwhelmed, and outspend when it comes to competing with the larger corporations.

Paid Search Advertising can be a very effective tool for smaller real estate businesses if utilized correctly. One way of getting the most out of Paid Media is by getting in front of prospective clients who are showing an interest in buying a house, and so effectively growing your client list. Paying special attention to make sure that your campaign is optimized correctly can help increase your results and gather more leads as you build your business.

Building the correct keyword list, and thinking strategically about negative keywords can almost guarantee success. 

In late 2020 Google started implementing a bunch of restrictions on Paid Media Advertising. With the right combination of keywords, you can work with these restrictions as opposed to being hindered by them to increase leads to your business, ultimately translating into tremendous sales growth to your business. 

How to build a Great Keyword List

One of the most important elements that ground a successful Paid Media Ad campaign is making sure that you have an extremely well thought out and efficiently implemented keyword research plan.

Seeing what other prospective clients type into Google’s search bar when looking for homes can help you generate a solid campaign strategy that will set your brand up for future success. By seeing how particular searches are phrased you can tailor your keywords accordingly to get your brand out in front of people actively looking to buy a home, leading to a huge increase in the overall conversion rate.

Selecting the right keywords will ensure that potential buyers can find your page ahead of your competitor’s, contact you immediately, and get started on their journey to buying a home from you as seamlessly as possible. Making sure your ad is relevant, noticeable, and speaks directly to your prospective client’s search intent is crucial to your business being discovered.

How to Manage Negative Keywords

After a keyword list has been generated the next component to consider would be what keywords prospective clients could enter that you don’t want your business to be associated with.

This can be a bit tricky to think of on the spot, but building out a negative keyword list that includes all the words that could potentially get searched relating to your industry that you don’t want to show up for, will help ensure the success of your campaign in the long run. An example of this could be: buying a house being a positive keyword, and renting a house being a negative keyword you don’t want to show up for. 

In general, having a variety of new searches each day, staying on top of what is being searched, and staying ahead of the game in terms of negative keywords can help you reap the benefits.

How to set up your Campaign Structure

Having the proper campaign structure in place before you launch your Paid media advertising campaign is crucial to your campaign’s ultimate success. The proper structure allows you to quickly pivot tactics as needed in a constantly changing marketing environment, and adjust your budget allocation accordingly. (buying vs selling). 

Making sure you have your goals for the campaign clearly identified and defined will ensure you are always kept on course to achieve success, (call vs lead form on the website). 

Goals can inform what devices you want to target for instance, what bidding strategy you will follow, even what specific city, or location in the city you want to target. How to Optimize your paid ads for voice search has also become an important consideration as of late. All of this provides anchor pieces from which to ensure the success of your Paid Media Advertising Campaign.

The Importance of constant Evaluation and Optimization

The importance of constant evaluation and optimization of your paid search campaign can not be stressed enough. The Real Estate market is constantly shifting and with it the search intent of your prospective clients. It is crucial that you keep an eye on what keywords and ads you have in place, and how they perform. 

You have to keep up with what is trending in the market and be able to optimize and adjust your campaign strategy quickly to keep performing at a peak throughout the year. 

Final thoughts

Communicating directly to your specific prospective clients is one of the biggest keys to success for a real estate business looking to implement a Paid Media Ad campaign to grow business. It is very important that you take your time in planning and strategizing what your campaign will look like, what its goals will be, and how you will evaluate and optimize your campaign as needed.

Focus on staying on top of all the elements you can control, as opposed to worrying about elements out of your control. 

Where you spend your time and resources are going to make a difference when it comes to driving business to your real estate company. Making sure you have the best-paid media strategy can lead you to success. We can help you with that, contact NAV43 to learn more.